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Customer Service Training

Good Customer Services enables clients and staff to build a strong prosperous relationship. Everyone in the organisation needs to treat the customer as royalty. An unhappy customer will soon go elsewhere. A happy customer will always stay with your business. This is important when markets are changing or diminishing. It is far harder to get a new client and keep them, than it is to treat an existing client well and have a brilliant relationship. Our Customer Service Training allows the staff to really understand and appreciate the significance of client retention. 

Answering Customer/Supplier Calls

No one wants to be faced with a phone call whether with a customer or supplier, that the staff member new or existing, doesn’t know how to speak effectively to communicate and solve issues. We are looking to promote a dynamic service, which spreads a reputation of greatness about the company because the team are so good at communicating and great at solving issues. Our day training will bring your workforce together for peak performance with customers.

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Every company will have clients who are seen to be difficult to deal with. Even though this is the case in most companies, it is important to remember how important that client is even though they can be extremely challenging.

We cannot wave magic wands to make customers get out of bed the right way, but what we can do, is enable them to enjoy as much as possible our calm, friendly way and sorting issues out for them. It will cost far less in the long run, resolving dissatisfied client issues than it will having a law suit for ‘failure to deliver’. Our Dealing with Difficult Client techniques will arm your work force with great tools for diffusing difficult situations for a ‘win win’ result.

Customer Satisfaction

This is the big subject for any successful company or organisation, you will not get growth if your customers are not satisfied with the service, communication, product or company ethos. We will take your company ethos and instil great methods with your teams to promote best practice. There is nothing more important than Customer Satisfaction and a good operating company from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Website Feedback – Customers Prospective

We want to see your company prosper and grow and it will with our guidance and support, but equally, the company website needs to reflect the window for the company. If the website is messy or hard to navigate it will lose your company passive business income. We are happy to spend an hour or however long you require, to assess the ease of use of your website. We will take into consideration its appeal and simplicity of navigation from the customers point of view and supply feedback as a report to you on its effectiveness.
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