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'Walking in the shoes of the customer' recommendations are key

It makes more sense to keep an existing client happy than it is to find a new one! 90% of company employees are working to just 20% of their potential —focused accountability pushes your team to 80% achievement!

Management Training

Our management training services provide senior management with effect skills on how to communicate, problem solve and lead at all levels. Senior management need to be seen to be leading effectively. The processes, policies and general planning for the company, encapsulate ‘good company performance’. We can offer one to one training/coaching as well as group presentations to get management looking at the best ways of going forward to success.

Every manager at every level in a company from CEO, Director, General Manager and Heads of Department, need to be confident and clear on their leadership and communication style to engage the work force in a winning module.

Executive Coaching

The team executives, like the leaders need to communicate ideas as well as work well together. Conflict in the work place can be catastrophic to company profits and team motivation. Working one to one, or with groups of talented executives guarantees best practice and performance in the role. Most executives want to move up in a company, it just needs tapping into.

Leadership Development — Vision/Mission

Leadership doesn’t always come naturally, sometimes people are thrown into positions which they feel ‘Out of their depth’. Communication of leadership ideas are difficult when it could severely impact negatively on growth and people development. We help leaders at the top of an organisation to become clear about the vision and the mission of the organisation, as well as how they are going to leads it development.

The sessions are one to one, the leader comes away with a clear five-year plan and ‘how to achieve’ step by step process plan to work from.

Exit Planning

At some point as a Director/General Manager, a decision will need to be made about the future of the company and your career to retirement transition. We provide help to make the right choices for yours and the company’s future. Transition is difficult, but it needs to be tackled in a way that the company does not suffer. Exit planning is the safest way to get what you want as well as giving your company stability for the future.

360 Review — Report feedback and strategy/psychometric Profiling/Graphology

Personalities in organisations will be diverse. Each person will have their own requirements and goals, they need to look at their 360 review with an ‘open mind’ to change and diversification of negative behaviour. We will set them action points as well as giving psychometric profiling to enable your people to understand how to make the most of themselves and their career. Our graphology study report, gives a traditional personality assessment which is both accurate and helpful for the individual to understand their weaknesses and strengths.

Project Management

We pride ourselves in fulfilling various projects for clients, whether it is sourcing website delivery, marketing materials, customer service surveys or individual tasks, which the company leader needs to have done but hasn’t got time themselves. 
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