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Sales Training

Being able to sell is a natural talent, although most of us have a real challenge around selling successfully. We tend to think of the best sales people being ‘outgoing and confident’, but actually the best ‘people who can sell’, can be quiet and reserved. If you are asked to join a company’s sales team you automatically think, the product will sell itself and the company will sell the product, I just need to take orders.

The sales myth is long standing, and in operation in most companies, sales teams and individuals, but it’s wrong. The product and company do not sell the service. The outgoing confident person does not sell because they can.

Our training processes work on the individual’s mindset towards sales and people, sales are built on trust and relationships. Our day training skills sessions are perfect for getting all your teams understanding the selling process.

Sales Techniques - Telephone, face to face, dealing with complaints

We understand that every team member has a different need for support with how to engage with clients, telephone cold calls can be stressful and demoralising to do but in most companies, seen as the most important way to attract new client interest. We instruct in the best ways to make the calls effective, as well as how to get the most out of the ‘face to face meeting’. Also another big hurdle within a company is the dreaded complaint. Communication is crucial in building good rapport and making a nuisance client into a valued client. Valued clients remain loyal and with a company a life time if treated well, our sales techniques training for telephone, face to face and handling complaints, give a down to earth approach, which will make any company member excel in client relationships.

Presentation Skills - Assessment & Delivery

It’s not just the sales team that benefit from Presentation Skills, management and senior heads of department, can all feel that their presentation skills are tired or lack lustre. Confidence in the engagement with a group of people can be compelling or demoralising, depending on the presenter’s approach. We assess the delivery, body language and approach of the presenter to give the best presentations that they possibly can. Whether for in house meetings, global seminars, media interviews or company vision, the ability to hold the audience’s attention is critical.

We will make your presentation come to life and excel your expectations.

Confidence Building — Powerful Leadership/Team Talent

Above within our other company services we have highlighted the importance of confidence in yourself and team. Powerful leadership enables others to believe and follow the person in charge. Confidence in your leadership skills and being able to make the most of talent is an ability which needs to be honed in on. Through one to one guidance and coaching, we will help you to attain a memorable legacy of great leadership and appreciation by the company and staff.
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