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Team Building

What does a happy team look like? They are working together well as individuals and wanting to succeed together, they are Interdependent. To get to this point of Inter Dependency, individuals need to know what they need on their own and as part of a Team. You can have the best football team in the world, paying millions for the players, but if they don’t work together you won’t have the best team, instead individual players, which have conflicts and poor communication. We offer group coaching to develop team work in the work place, as well as building unity and pride in getting the team to understand what makes a team special and profitable.

Individual Coaching

Clients will select talent from their work force, who need extra one to one support. The management cannot do this themselves, as the dynamic in the work place is affected by how the worker feels about his job and relationship with the manager. Cases of poor communication and bullying can inhibit company growth. By allowing us to work with the team individually, we can cut through the communication barriers and enable company talent to excel in their work productivity successfully.

Target Setting

How do you know that a team member is doing well? Structure in a company is very important from knowing who the boss is to knowing who is important to get on with in the organisation to get ahead. Empower U is about setting individual achievable targets, that are realistic but also stretch the person, it’s not just for the work force, we are also including management and leaders. By setting targets the individual feels a sense of self-worth and achievement in accomplishing targets successfully. It’s about accountability, forward progression and a sense of purpose. We all need that.

Career Planning Development 

Anyone in the organisation can exceed targets, but career planning development is about keeping loyal, valued staff. Why do people leave their job, or why is there a fast turnover of people? It’s because everyone needs to feel appreciated and whether they want to climb to the top or just stay put, career planning is very important. We look at targets set by management and individual objectives and marry them together in a way that instils employee loyalty.

The Right Person

Companies spend thousands on finding the right person for a role, whether through recommendation, recruitment specialist or in house promotion. Unfortunately, personalities in a team or management dynamic can be disastrous, with far reaching implications to the company. When Empower U helps with either the recruitment process or coaching the person into the role, you can be assured of 100% success.
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